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11th Commandment - idée fixe No. 1

Today I beginning to announce my great ideas;) Several them were born in my head, and today I decided to share with you some of them. Maybe someone will want to use them, make real. This is not impossible! Because it would not be very difficult. Suffice few "enthusiasts" plus financial support to someone wealthy. And it's not necessarily someone from the first hundred richest Poles. 

I think about those who have so much money that ... "should be ashamed."  

Idee fixe No. 1

Internet is a great way and place where you can to realize the idea of "11th Commandment". 
It reads:"Everything what is unnecessary to you, pass somebody else!"
And do for for free. 
Yes ... because of your good heart. Isn't it a beautiful idea? ,

I imagine myself 
online services at:, ,  or  (all these domains are my property and I can give them away for free!), where people who have somthing unnecessary would issue announcemens for people who are in need. So it would be a advertising service, which many in the network - let's take (decently made ​​service). But this is only the beginning, because the service should operate with the next terms:

  • 1. People in need would have to be able to upload their applications to potential donors. This would be a short text having to convince the donor to ensure that the item he gave to the "right" person. For technical reasons, unfortunately, it would have to limit the number of entries, let say to 12, 13 or 20.
  • 2. Cost of delivery of donated items would be on the side of the donor. It's hard, but I trust that they have found to be some who would agree to it. It is a condition that, in order to have access to the gifts really poor. Because, as anyone would pay for a pack as much as the entire collection of cans and waste paper from weeks, it ....
  • 3. Verify of the veracity of asking people (to not giving goods to cheaters or secondhend-monders, because if this protection was not, surely the "market" would be developed) need to involve persons or organizations of public trust that "certify" the real need of asking people. I thought that this would be the clergy, the police, social services, charities or scouts who have the proper understanding of "poors' environment".
  • 4. Each of the donors would transmit a "small brick" (I think 1-2 EUR/USD) to operate the service. For paying for net acces, servers, and possibly people who whould work much on this project as 1/3 of normal work (more two-three hour a day).

And that's it!
Now need 3-4 people, a hundred thousand at the beginning and a bit of luck, and for 3-4 months we have website that can change the world. 
And as you can see the registered domains, not only in Poland.
Eh... these my dreams ... ... 

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